Saturday, October 1, 2011

Market day, Apt

I'm back. Only for one picture today, as jet lag has it's hold on me. We were late into Paris on Thursday and missed our plane to Atlanta by about 5 minutes. We could see it at the gate, but the doors were closed. Air France gave us two meal vouchers and a hotel room. So we went to the hotel, an Ibis, at 12:30 after a bad lunch at the airport. Our room was very small, but serviceable for two dried out travelers. But...the a/c was out, it was hot for Paris, our room was facing south and heated up quickly. I opened the window and a nice cool breeze came in accompanied by the rhythmic sounds of a pile driver about 1/4 mile away. So it was bake, go deaf or leave for a walk. But our hotel was at the airport so there wasn't much walking to be done as it was all 3 lane high-speed roads with no sidewalk. Boy, am I good at whining. We made it to 4:00 when the pile driver quit, and got naps in before dinner. The real shame was that we had 2/3 of a day free, in Paris, and didn't have the energy to go in and look around. Next year we'll plan a couple of days there to break up the trip.

Yesterday we only had two flights and they went easily, we got home and did all of the usual manic things one does after 18 hours of travel. Ate and slept well and got up to do the rest of getting settled back into a non-Provencal life.

This picture was taken at the Apt market and I couldn't have done it with my big camera, a Pentax K-5. But the little Panasonic GF3 let me lower the camera and see the picture and take it. I'm a big man and I work out at a gym but the littler camera is a real pleasure to use due to the weight and that it looks like any tourist camera but takes lovely pictures through sharp prime lenses. Thank you Carl Weese.

More tomorrow.

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  1. I just read the specs of the K-5 - duuuh ... look at me, under 50kg and 1.64m and taking my camera up every mountain in the Alps in the meantime. That's 670 gr vs. 850 gr.




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