Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cold courgette (zucchini) soup and salad, Thym te Voila, Apt

What a restaurant. On a hot day, a cool soup is a real refresher. So is a nice rose wine:-)

Benoit's hats and the Alphonse Benoit Lycee

Scotty for Janet, Apt

Ford Ranger for the rest of the world, Apt

This makes me wonder. Ford stopped making the Ranger here a couple of years ago. It had gone unchanged for a long time and Ford decided not to have a smaller pickup in their lineup. At the same time, their "regular" sized pickup, the F-150 has gotten bigger and heavier every year. I owned two Rangers and they were perfect trucks for the person who didn't run a business out of them. Then I find out that Ford completely redid and modernized the Ranger and sells it to the rest of the world. This was a neat rig, about the size of the previous Ranger but with all the modern electronics etc. It is big enough for what 75% of people need a truck for. Apparently Ford thinks it would steal sales from the F-150 which is a huge profit maker for them. Too bad.

Chicken doorbell, Apt

Trompe l'oeil, Apt

 I have always loved the lower picture here. The first time you are always fooled.

Layered graffiti, Apt

Chickens, Apt market.

Figs, Saignon

We missed these this year. They ripened too late.

Gary's Aygo, Saignon

This little Toyota Aygo belongs to our friend, Gary Brown. It is tiny. Last year, when I put gasoline into our diesel car and had to have it towed, he gave us a ride to the garage. Half the back seat was full so I had to sit behind Gary, a tall man. There was plenty of leg room. These little cars in France are amazing for their interior room. It would be a neat little city car here in the U.S.

Menerbes wall, for Martina

It's still there, but slowly going away.

Cutting stone, Menerbes

This was making such a high-pitched wail that Janie had to run past, holding her ears. I looked, and he had no ear protection, sad.

Green and blue, Menerbes

Street, Menerbes

Two women, Menerbes

Red and yellow, Apt

Friday, November 1, 2013

Couple, Apt bike path, east

We watched this couple come out together to toss out the garbage. They supported each other like I hope we do when we're that age.

Angles and shadows, Apt bike path, east

Trellis and hollyhock, Saignon

This little scene changed every day in the light.

Bottles and shadows, Saignon

These have been here since we have come to Saignon. A nice collection.

La Police, Apt

Stop Chef, Apt

Luckily, not often said to me:-)

Blue chairs, Apt

Graffiti, Apt

An opinion?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Volcanic fir, Bonnieux bike path, West

The Joking and The Kitchies, Les Lumieres

Proving once more that every possible name for a band has been used.

Mustachioed monolith Coustellet

Shadow play, Saignon

Janie says that this proves that I'm a pinhead.

Filmmakers, Apt

These guys had appropriated a small square and were filming large squashes. Most people smiled quietly and walked by.

Mannequins, Apt

I'd laugh too.

Shadows, Apt

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Andrew's bounty, Saignon

We were finishing a walk and saw Andrew, the chef/owner of Le Petit Cafe, near his garden. He had just harvested  fruits and veggies for his meals that night. He gave us tomatoes that were so good and basil and those two figs. We got some fresh mozzarella and I made an Insalata Caprese that was out of this world. Thank you again Andrew.

Bad picture, great salad, L'Estrade, St. Saturnin

Here is my forbidden fruit. Anne-Laurance, the chef at L'Estrade, makes a great grapefruit and crayfish salade. I take two heart meds that are neutralized by grapefruit. I love grapefruit and I love crayfish, sigh.
Janie loves this meal.

Iron works, Apt

This is the roof of an iron works. Fun

Janie and friend, Apt bike path, East.

Every year on our walks we run into a lost dog that adopts us briefly. This guy hung around for about two miles and then adopted a girl running the other way.

The goddess of victory and some snails, Apt

Blue and red, Apt

Bad hydrant, Apt

Sometimes they just pick their friends badly.


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