Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Autumn colors, Saignon

Near the end of out trip all of the leaves went Technicolor on us.

Passage Interdit, Saignon

Good idea, as there is about a 50 foot (15 meter) fall behind the gate. Why there is a gate here is another question.

Waitress-in-training, Thym te Voila, Apt

She was cute, polite and delightful.

Lunch at Thym te Voila, Apt

This was a butternut squash soup, a vegetarian tarte and fresh salade. Heaven. A real Autumn meal.

Candy store window, with Walter, Apt

Every year this window amazes me. You see so many layers.

Graffiti, Apt

Surely not our Chris Elliott? Maybe E.T.'s El-i-ot:-)

Cabbages, Apt market

 These were so graphic that I couldn't resist.

Florists, Apt market

Herr Geisha and the Boobs

Someone said, recently, that every possible name for a band had been used. I think this proves it.

Scallions, Apt market

These went into a nice soupe.

Earrings, Apt market

Watches, Apt market

I believe that each of these would set you back about 10 Euros. Amazing variety. Timekeeping and durability.....not so much.

Walter and Janie, Saignon

Girlies, Saignon