Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Here we are in front of the perfect windmill in Goult. Thank you Carol.

Roses, Goult

 Goult, or South Holland, as we call it, Has some lovely flowers. The Dutch have chosen Goult as a central point and make one buildng after another "perfect", with every edge square and every stone sanded and grouted to a tee. So instead of being a charming Provencal hill town, it is an exclusionary little Disneyland.  Fun to walk through it and then go back to France.

Expiration date

Those clever European Union food police. They seem to have the expiration date of these cookies down to the hour and the minute. On October 1, 2014 at 20:10 (8:10p.m.) you are on your own.

Bad mannequins

I think she knows the clown of a recent post.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stupid kiss me stupid.

Must work.

Post walk lunch, La petite Cafe, Saignon

 One of our hikers up the falaise in Lioux, ready to replace some calories.
 Charcutreie salade, looked grand.
 Andrew, the chef/owner....a marvelous chef.
 Pork belly, red cabbage, pureed cauliflower, roasted garlic. My favorite.
A nice light dessert for two.

Clown car, Apt

 There was a big traveling circus set up outside of Apt for a week. This little guy was pulled behind the mobile ticket booth. I used to like clowns, now they seem creepy. Thanks Stephen King!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blown clouds, Above Lioux

 It was so windy this time up the cliff that even the high clouds were being torn apart as they formed.

View from the falaise, above Lioux

Janie and Zing, Lioux

We wnet for a second hike up the Falaise Madeleine, a giant cliff over the town of Lioux, with our new friend Zing and two of her friends. This is just as we reached to top and began the walk to the other end. It is a highly recommended place to visit if you want to be above the Luberon.

Weeds, Lioux

Gang of Aussies, Christine's, Saignon

We spent a lot of time with these charming folks. If you ever meet Tony, the man standing, be sure to ask him to tell you the surveyor joke.

Piano concert, Foret des Cedres, above Bonnieux

 This was a trip back in time. There were posters for this concert all over the Luberon. We love the Foret so we decided to give it a try. Suddenly it was 45 years ago. The pianist, whose name is lost to me, was sort of a cross between Keith Jarret and New Age. He not only played nicely but would do things like toss a tennis ball onto the strings of the piano and play with the odd notes. There was a field of what I can only describe as hippie-like people in attendance. There were paintings and dream catchers and the few smokers had very odd smelling tobacco. One woman spent an hour squirting paint onto a big canvas with ketchup squirters. It was formless until she sandwiched another canvas onto it, creating two rather nice decorative pieces. Good fun but I was glad to return to 2013.

These drifters were caught at the edge of the crowd, ready to bolt if the knife police showed up.

Lunch at L'Estrade, St. Saturnin

 She crisps her salmon so perfectly. A thin crunchy shell and melted fish inside.
 Shrimp salade with all manner of fruits and veggies
 The menu has large changes on every visit, unlike most Provencal bistros.
Creme brulee....the perfect dessert. We split this one.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Art, Roussillon

Bald guy pottery, Roussillon

 I was tempted to have words  with this potter, being a bald man of a certain weight. Very charming work.

Mailbox, Saignon

Laundry setup, Rue Cilly, Saignon

We had a washing machine and this drying rack, which we kept on our deck. Clothes would dry in four hours on a typical, sunny, dry Provencal day. Once again, lovely light.

Two salad meal, Rue Cilly, Saignon

The bowl on the left was a valiant attempt to duplicate a dish we had at Thym te Voila. It consists of smoked salmon, cucumbers, avocado, dill, olive oil and lemon juice. It was good but didn't measure up to the chef's creation. The bowl on the right is a tried and true Mark Bittman recipe for chickpeas, peppers and shallots once again in olive oil, lemon juice,and an addition of herbes de provence. Always good. It had been a very warm day and two cool light dishes hit the spot.

Aisle balloons, Simply market, Apt

These were from the end of a promotion (sale). A man had the job of taking them down and popping them. He looked like a manager, they always take the glamour jobs.

Hydrant, Roussillon

Chair, Roussillon

This was just here in the middle of the busy square. It clashed with the whole town.

Artist's atelier, Roussillon

He also uses computer components in his assemblies.

Roussillon walls

 Wonderful colors from the ochre mines.


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