Monday, October 10, 2011

Square, Aix-en-Provence

We drove down to Aix to visit with Janie's school friend Isabel and her husband Felix. As all people do, we got lost driving in to town and had to call Isabel to meet us and lead us in. She and Felix did that and got us to their house. We then went out for a tour of the town, on foot, with someone who has lived there for 30 years and loves every square foot of it.

Every building has a story. This one is across the street from their house and has two tales attached to it. The reason it exists is that one of the original owners of their house, a long time in the past, didn't like the view or the building across the street, so he bought the land, cleared it and put up this u-shaped building to replace it and give him a nice square to boot.

Now it is being restored to resemble it's past glory. Both sides of the U are done and you can see here that they are doing a pretty good job on the restoration.

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