Saturday, November 10, 2018

Muhly grass and 20mm f/1.7

Muhly grass is a very popular landscape grass around here. It is very hardy and makes a nice, innocuous tuft of grass all summer long. It the Autumn it sends up these incredible inflorescences in a stunning magenta that fades to a nice yellow.

The first two lenses that I bought when I moved into Micro 4/3 were the Olympus 90mm f/1.8 that I posted pictures from a few days ago , and the Lumix 20mm f/1.7 a semi normal length. It was very sharp but had a big problem, it took forever to focus. So, it slowly made it's way to the back of my lens shelf. I saw a comment on Michael Johnston's T.O.P. blog that indicated that the newer bodies made it focus faster. I have a Lumix G9 so, on it went...and voila! much faster focus. It is still a sweet lens so it's at the front of the shelf.

For Rei, Spider lily, MSD

Sorry Rei, couldn't resist. Saw this just today.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Squirrel art with Monstera.

It is not untrue that squirrels will do anything to get your attention, if they feel safe. I was pruning Monsteras all last week, under a Live oak by the water. I noticed some fine sawdust falling on me. I looked up and there were a couple of squirrels chewing on acorns, directly above me. Of course, I yelled at them and they kept eating. I moved to another Monstera, under a hickory, and pruned there. Soon there was sawdust in the air again.  Now there were piles of leaves everywhere, but there was only sawdust on the two piles I had worked. on that day. Even when I feed the little beggars whole peanuts, they run up a tree and open them right over my head. No wonder they drive dogs crazy.

Friday, September 14, 2018

The habaneros are ready. Chili soon.

Pruning day.

There are four large Philodendron Monstera growing at the base of a Live oak near the water. I haven't paid them much attention and they took over. So today I went pruning. I filled our wheelbarrow 4 times with leaves. About one out of five stems has been hollowed our by very aggressive nasty little ants. After a few bites I learned to spot an affected branch and send the ants for a swim in the Intracoastal. I am ahead for a change, but in two months they will be sneaking back. A garden is never finished.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Notary, Vilano Beach

This is a funky little faux Art-Deco Italian restaurant in Vilano Beach. The notary sign completes it. Have a great plate of lasagna and get you will notarized.