Monday, August 3, 2020

Life is better in flip flops, Neptune Beach

Words to live by

Fence and house, Neptune Beach

Moderne house, Neptune Beach

614, Neptune Beach

Only 'cause 614 is my birthday

Fence and Weber, Neptune Beach

Neptune Beach

Neptune Beach

Nice beach colors

Vacant lot, Neptune Beach

Neptune Beach

Cubist house, Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach

Older funky house next to new sterile house, Jax Beach

Jax Beach, new houses

These houses may be very modern and comfortable but they have none of the soul of the older beach houses.

Dog fennel, garden,

This is a roadside weed that I dug up years ago and put in a pot. It grows 6 feet tall and sways gracefully in the wind. It is called dog fennel because of it's resemblance to fennel and it's use. The fronds have a distinct odor the is meant to be an insect repellant. Years ago dog owners rubbed their pets down to keep ticks and mosquitoes away. It was meant to be very effective. Do not be fooled by it's fennel-like appearance; it has alkaloids that can cause liver failure in humans.

Good day in the garden

 This is the time of year inner neck of the woods when the garden ceases to produce. Between the heat, humidity, soil borne diseases and the insects, most of the plants have other given up altogether or gone dormant to wait for cooler weather. I went out and found one pomegranate ready to eat, which I did and five nice dried jalapeƱos hiding under leaves. Success


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