Friday, May 31, 2013

For Martina,Salmon at Royal's, Apt

With a nice bearnaise, on a sunny day. What could be better.

Old church, Saignon

This church is host to many weddings every year. I don't know it's age but pre-Christian is almost certain. Beautiful stone the color of honey was used to make it.

Flowers, Saignon

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Provencal light at Christine's

One thing Provence lovers always miss when we're not there is the light. It pours out of the sky strong, clear and pure.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bald man with Benziger winery hat, in front of Ocher cave, Colorado, Rustrel

More ocher

Gathering pigment, Colorado, Rustrel

That is a wall of ocher, very orange and eager to jump onto your clothes. Pigments don't wash out.

Autumn ferns, Colorado, Rustrel

 I have never seen ferns change color like these. The camera doesn't capture the range and subtlety of the colors.

Pizza at Paolo's, Isle sur la Sorgue

Look at the size of those caper berries! Anchovies the size of trout! The thinnest crust I have ever seen. Heaven.

Psychotic cherub face, Isle sur la Sorgue

Chuckie gets some class.

Small metal signs, Isle sur la Sorgue

Mannequins, Isle sur la Sorgue

Who needs clothes with tats like these.

Starwax, The Fabulous!!

I wanted to buy them all.

Artichokes and garlic, Isle sur la Sorgue

 Lovely purples in both of them.

Chickens! Isle sur la Sorgue

Betty Boop, Isle sur la Sorgue

Once again, the markets are full of Betty Boop paraphernalia. The French have kept her memory alive. I would guess that most people under 30 here in the U.S. wouldn't know her.

Hair stuff, Isle sur la Sorgue

Having been bald for 45 years, and male for 66 years, I don't keep up with advances in hair accessories. The mannequin heads remind me of Blade Runner. Bad replicant.

Napkin and napkin ring, Isle sur la Sorgue

Pretty display

More Provencal clouds.

Very soft and often alone, these French clouds.

Ivy leaves, Saignon

The only reason this is here is to show the changes from a month before. One of the first  pictures I took this year in Saignon was of these leaves, much fuller and greener.

Fanta Orange, Apt

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Allee, Apt

Lunch at Thym te Voila, Apt

A lovely quiche, squash soupe, and a light salad..............and a little Rose wine, heaven!

Sculpture garden, Bonnieux walk.

You see these over a hedge as you approach.................ouch!

Hedge and trees, Bonnieux walk

Red berries, Bonnieux walk

Mullein, Bonnieux walk

Cold damp afternoon, Saignon

Glove, Saignon

One afternoon, there were more of these lying in the street than leaves. Gone the next day

Cloud, Saignon

Very different from our Florida clouds.

Evening walk, Saignon

A late afternoon stroll to whet the appetite.

Ivy, Le Rocher, Saignon

The ivy went spectacular in our last week.

Fig leaf, Saignon

Near the end of the stay, the leaves were almost gone from the figs near us.


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