Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Last lunch at L'Estrade

On our last day, we had to go to L'Estrade for lunch. Janie had the lasagna with spinach and salmon and I had the salad with packets of goat cheese, warm and comforting, on top. The girls who run the joint consented to a picture with us. We miss them....and the food!

Escargots, Bonnieux bike path, West

These little white snails were on every post, sign, and tree or grass stalk along the bike path. I am curious about them. They are sheer white and stand out. Where we live that would be eaten by birds as soon as the showed their shells. I guess that they are either indigestible or poisonous. Or...French birds are nearsighted.

Field of greens, Bonnieux bike path, West

This year (2013) we went to Provence twice, in the Spring and the Autumn. We started walking this part of the bike path in May and this field was wheat. Then it was plowed up and left fallow until Autumn. In the last two weeks we were there these greens erupted. This farmer really uses his land to full measure. I am sure there is a stand of Winter wheat in it as I write this in January.

Thym te Voila, Entrees menu, Apt

Entrees in France are the appetizers, not the main course. I have found that appetizers are where a lot of chefs like to experiment or show off. Plats are the main course. Thym te Voila has wonderful entrees and the Formule, two entrees and a salade are what we almost always order.

Rock wall, Apt bike path, West.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

More grapes.

Down below, a few posts back I showed the first grapes delivered to Sylla for this year's Vendange. The Vendange is simply the grape harvest. These tractors were going through Apt all during the days for our last two weeks. We'll drink them next summer!

Salade Nicoise, Lacoste at Cafe du France

Salade Nicoise is often written about by travel writers. There seems to be no consensus as to what a true one has in it. There are stories of people saying "A true Salade Nicoise does NOT have tuna in it!" or potatoes or corn. They are, to me, like snowflakes, no two are the same and all of them are beautiful. This one was wonderful.

Rose and window, Apt bike path, West

We came by here a week later and the rose had been cut back to two feet of stalks.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Odd graffiti, Apt bike path, West

This was unlike the general run of graffiti that I saw in the area. Looks mystical.

First tractor of the Vendange, Sylla, Apt

We walked the Apt bike path at least 6 times during this stay. This is from a bridge overlooking the business side of Sylla, the big wine cooperative in Apt. They make lovely wines, many of them Roses but very good whites and reds. As far as we could see, this was the first farmer dropping off a load of grapes. There were many more in the ensuing walks.

Hollyhock and trellis, Saignon

Trellis, Saignon

This little garden will keep showing up because we passed it at least three times a day and the light was always different.

Rust, green and reds, Saignon

I fell in love with this green the first time we came to Provence. I took a picture of it on a shutter in Menerbes. I was shooting film then and took the print to Home Depot and had them match it in a paint. The rafters in our living room are this color. It keeps Provence in our life a little bit.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Figues, Saignon

Just as we had to leave, the big figs were coming ripe. Drat.

La Vanne Marel. The real reason to go to Fontaine de Vaucluse.

In the main circle of the town there are three or four good restaurants. La Vanne Marel is the  star of the group. All of their food is great but the trout amandine is not to be missed. The trout is fresh from the river which runs below the patio. It has the faintest pink cast and is tender, tasty and perfectly prepared. Well worth the trip.

Coneman, Fontaine de Vaucluse.

About to lick himself to death.

Tourists, Fontaine de Vaucluse.

Bikers, Fontaine de Vaucluse

These guys looked more like the stars of Born to be Mild. They were  having a nice time and had some of the cleanest bikes I have ever seen.

Glass chickens, Fontaine de Vaucluse

Fontaine de Vaucluse

This is the walk in to one of Provence's great tourist traps. Lots of junky stores leading to the source of the Vaucluse river. They have a great museum devoted to the Resistance here too.

Blue, green, yellow and red, Isle s/l Sorgue

Brocante dealer, Isle s/l Sorgue

Brocante is a tier of used objects below antiquities and above, barely, junk. This dealer had one of those bizarre mannequins, a watering can, chair, table, construction sign, cat painting, giant mortar and pestle, odd military hat and a pewter ashtray. Yikes

Isle sur la Sorgue market

Shadows, Isle s/l Sorgue

 Ahhhh, Provencal light.

Chickens, Isle s/l Sorgue

And a very light duck for Daniel.

Espace G, Isle s/l Sorgue

Sort of the Provencal equivalent of Area 51

Arrangement in tape adhesive, I Robot, Isle s/l Sorgue

Blue shoes, Isle s/l Sorgue

These lead to an art gallery that always has a clever way of getting people to go down this nondescript  lane. Last year it was chairs.

Chicken, Isle s/l Sorgue

They are everywhere. Must be a German influence ;-)

Hydrant and chairs, Isle s/l Sorgue

looks a little put out by the colors.


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