Monday, October 10, 2011

Doorway, Goult

Warning, a rambling story follows. We have been to Provence at least seven times. The second trip we came to Goult and I photographed this doorway and vine. I liked it and made a print of it (these were the days of film and prints). A good friend, Jon Bailey had been to Provence a lot and I saw a picture just like this among his work. I told him "I took that picture last year!" He allowed as how I was crazy, that it was an obscure doorway in an obscure town. I said "Goult, upper parking lot!" He was astonished. I have always loved his photography and was very happy to have seen as well as he does. Every year that we have gone to Provence since, I have photographed the same doorway. I always then take the picture with Janie in the doorway. See above.

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