Thursday, September 26, 2013

Waiting, Cereste

For those of you who follow this blog( all eight of you) I offer my apologies for the long dry spell until today and the three or four day one to follow. We lost our fast wifi in the house. We bought a bog slow hotspot which was good for mail but impossible to post from. So, I came here, to Le Petit Cafe, where I'm writing from now. They have great food and a fast wifi. Alas, on the second day of posting my computer stopped letting me log in! I spent a long time on my iPad finding ways to connect. Finally, I went back to a previous set point and it now works. Sadly we only have two more days here and I have over 2,000 pictures to sort and clean up and post.Or at least the 200 best ones.  I will do that after we get home Sunday (or Monday if Delta performs as usual ;-) See you then.

Delphiniums, Cereste

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chairs, Cereste

 As far as I could see, people set up chairs to watch their laundry dry and to water the garden.

Hydrant with garden, Cereste

Three more pictures from our lunch at La Griotte

 Now you can see why I was full for so long.

Lunch, La Griotte, Cereste

We drove to a new town for us, Cereste, and had lunch at a nice little restaurant. I had a salade and pasta carbanara that fille me up for 6 hours.

Shutter and shadows, Goult

Hidden hydrant, Apt pond

The idea of a fire hydrant, right next to a pond seems like a government rule to me:-)

Graffiti, Apt pond

Leaning boats, Apt pond

A cliche I couldn't resist

Pond and ducks, Hi Daniel!

The city of Apt dug out an artificial pond. It is set up as a recreation area. There are boats to rent, a nice walking trail with exercise machines along it. There is even a dirt bike trail along the outside perimeter of the park for the kids. We finally stopped and walked the trail.

Shutter and Shadow, Saignon

Lamp, Saignon

I love the late summer light here

Monday, September 16, 2013

Andrew's garden, Saignon

At Le Petit Cafe, where we often eat, the produce is always perfectly ripe and wonderful. Now we know why. Andrew, the chef/owner has a huge garden of which this is half. The tomatoes only have to go about a block and they are in a dish.

Fence and shadows, Saignon

On our afternoon walk.

Well-tended garden, Saignon

This was the neatest garden in the Spring and seems to have produced all Summer. Anyone want some zucchini?

Hippo love, Saignon

Olive grove, Saignon

We were here when this was planted, so it's a thrill to see it bearing fruit.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Le Platane, Apt

We ate here on market day. They have a lovely tree shaded deck and very nice food. We had a light fish preceded by a zucchini (courgette) dish that was so light that we had to hold it on the plate. A recommendation.

Morning Glories, Apt

On our first Saturday market in Apt we went to eat at Thym te Voila. They were on vacation, but I got this little shot. How do they match the colors?

Circus car, Apt

As usual there was a circus in Apt during our stay. This was a Saturday morning advertising run during market dat.

The observer, Apt

People everywhere love to watch other people. This guy was transfixed.

Happy baby, Apt


This store sell modern clothes and are not afraid to use a different approach to showing their wares.

Apt market

Late in the market people get tired.

Posters, Apt

Does Mayor Bloomberg know about this?

There is a line of clothes all over the markets with New York as a label. Very varied.

Melons, Apt market

Nothing gets this yellow.

Hats, apt market

The models have lived rough for a while.

Pesto and sunset, Rue Cilly

 We stayed in one night and I made a spinach, walnut pesto for dinner. We were rewarded with a grand sunset.

My new favorite cookie.

While sitting at Christine's, having a panache, after a good walk.

Red and white, Saignon

Figs on our walk, Saignon

L'Estrade, St. Saturnin

 A big smile and the reason why. The spinach lasagna is light and wonderful.

Janie, St. Saturnin

Our rental.

This is a Volvo V40, designed to compete with the VW Golf, among others. Well, it doesn't. It is a bit cramped compared to a Golf. It has a very wide turning circle and a very imprecise gearshift. Still a nice car but VW is not worried.

Borie in a vineyard, Bonnieux

On one of our new walks, west from Pont Julien, we came upon this borie, stone storage building from centuries ago, still being used.


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