Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gone fishin'

I am out of new posts 'til our return to Saignon, so I borrowed and idea from my friend Martina. See you in a month!

Pistache! Solveig, Saignon

Our favorite dessert is three boules of pistachio ice cream at Solveig. We never eat ice cream at home, but in Provence it is our indulgence.................along with the wine, the food, the views.....,..oh hell, Provence is our indulgence and this is a nice dessert!

Red and green, Solveig, Saignon

Graffiti, Apt

The previous layers make this more interesting.

Weeds, Saignon

Saignon door

Youthful knife snatcher, eyeing a store window.

Shopkeepers of Apt, beware!!

Garage door, Apt

Vinoflex, Apt

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lunch at Les Fines Herbes, Goult

 This was a lovely take on prosciutto and melon. So fresh.
This was a chicken leg quarter with the freshest courgettes (zucchini) as a side. This is a very tiny, very new restaurant in Goult. It was just opened by a young couple who were both charming. He is an innovative cook and seems to know the right farmers. They are right next to Cafe de la Poste, a large and now, very commercial restaurant in the main square. This place was quieter and the food was better and less expensive, a win-win for us.

Goult market and dried mango.

We were too close to leaving to buy this but we will in the Fall.

Wire art, Thym te Voila, Apt

 These were the current exhibit in June.

Fondant au Chocolat, Thym te Voila, Apt

This tasted far better than it looks, and it looks great.

Souhil and his daughter, Apt market

Souhil is an entrepreneur who lives in Saignon. He managed one of Andrew's bistros a few years ago, very well. He now has a business that he is trying to get off the ground, called provincale wine tours. He will take you on either a half or full day tour to some of the hidden gems in the area. We didn't get a chance this time, but plan to in September. We'll report back. His daughter is a cutie.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Get used to it boys.

This little girl was totally in charge of the group.

Bikers, Apt market.

 These guys were at a bar that we stopped into during the Apt market. It was hot and we were thirsty. They were at the next table. They were out on a long motorcycle trip. The fellow above sold machine parts and was totally charming. One of us asked what was good to drink on a hot day, but not a filling as beer. Thus we learned about Panaches (sic). A panache is a mix of beer and lemonade. Sounds awful but it isn't. Instead it is really refreshing without the bloat of a full beer. We are forever in their debt. Panache is pronounced pan-a-shay.

Model ear, Apt

Buskers, Apt

These guys were having a great time making happy music. I suspect some wine was involved.

Red and yellow, Apt

Strawberries, Rue Cilly, Saignon

Once a week Christine's is closed and we have to get our own breakfast. Of course there are always the wonderful farm eggs, but I chose cereal and strawberries. These were like candy. Here in the U.S. most strawberries are 50% white in the middle. These are either a different type or fully ripe (my suspicion). We got them from a farmer who was mobbed at the Coustellet market.

Scenes from a lunch at Thym te Voila

 That sad look when the dessert is all gone.
Just a touch too big.


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