Thursday, January 25, 2018

Clouds and water, ICW, Roscoe

My wife and I were sitting on the dock, reading, yesterday. The water was full of dead fish due to some really cold weather last week. Temperatures in the 20s Fahrenheit  here will kill off a bunch of sensitive species, especially catfish. Therefore we had a lot of opportunistic birds, mainly seagulls and pelicans, taking advantage of the free lunch. So, I had my camera along to prove that I am not a very good bird photographer, requires too much patience. Some clouds moved in, in a "buttermilk" pattern and the water rippled up to match it, thus, this picture.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

New garden path.

I finally got around to doing this today. I have an overgrown part of my garden and underneath all of the vines weeds were a lot of these hexagonal pavers. So today I pulled them up with a forked hoe and carried them over to where they were really needed to make a path. They have a nice worn look that fits with my garden.