Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two soupes de poissons

 Every year we try to find soupe de poisson. We first learned of it in St. Martin in the Caribbean. It is the base broth of bouillabaise and is a rich fishy soup. It is also like salade Nicoise, every chef makes it a bit differently. This was at lunch ay Les Deux Garcons in Aix. Felix and Isabel told us it was a bit thick and porridgey to their tastes. We loved it.
A week later we were in Marseille and went to a harborside restaurant called Oscar's. The special of the day was soupe de poisson and a salmon filet. We jumped at it. This soupe was much thinner and we now agree with Felix and Isabel, thinner is better. Putting it together is almost as much fun as eating it. You take a crouton, rub it with raw garlic, put some aioli (a mayonnaise and garlic mixture that is pure heaven) on the crouton, put a little shaved parmigiana on the top and float it in the soupe. Wait til it softens a little and eat it. Repeat.

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