Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sunday, August 6, 2017

No parking sign being ignored, Saignon

Hollyhocks and poppies, Saignon

Evening colors, Saignon

Restaurant Loofoc, Lacoste.

This was one of the first restaurants we went to, probably 20 years ago. A wonderful waitress made it fun to go there. Home of the loobergere or looburger. I famously asked in my suave French for a bottle of water, non-gazoil. That, of course, means water without diesel fuel in it. The waitress almost died laughing. I meant non-gasseuse, or still water.

Vide grenier, Saignon.

A vide grenier is a village-wide rummage sale. Everyone in the town and quite a few out of town professionals set up areas full of either treasure or trash. Fun to look at.

Chez Christine, the first of many.

We had breakfast here every morning after a walk. I took a picture almost every day so there will be many.

Barbara and Marvin

Once more at Elizabeth and Kristof's party.


Elizabeth and Kristof had a lovely party at their house. Many a good conversation.

Saignon's church.

X111ieme siecle, of course.

Fencing, Saignon

For our first month in Saignon they were repairing a collapsed wall in our square. They did a wonderful job and next year it will have a tree in it and be paved with stones.

Saignon street

Soon to be repaved!


Shannon talking to Juli, Saignon


We have just returned from 10 weeks in Saignon. The internet was so slow that I couldn't post most days....so I'll start now.


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