Friday, October 26, 2012

Heading home

Today is our last day in Saignon, tomorrow we head down to Marseille, have a stay in the Pullman at the airport and fly out Sunday morning. Today and tomorrow are meant to be rainy and cold and, so far, that's been true. We are packing, unpacking, repacking and reading.

I have taken a lot of pictures and we have had a lot of adventures and I have not been posting them. We had dear friends as guests and spent a week showing them all that we love around here. I have also enjoyed having the time alone with Janie. We run hectic lives at home and it is nice to spend so much time, just with each other, and find out that she is still my best friend.

The pictures and commentary will come when we get back home. See you in the US!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Crime scene, Saignon

I first thought that Saignon had a serial killer but these are guides for the children leaving school.

Monday, October 15, 2012

A gentle reminder

This isn't so subtle but it seems to work in Saignon. Not in the bigger towns though.

Goldfish, Saignon

This little pool is on the start of our new daily walk, a figure eight around  the village, avoiding the bad dogs.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Grave top, Goult

There seems to be more remembering of good times to French graves. This young man died at a young age and loved football. I hope they put little cameras on top of mine:-)

Of dogs and dumbasses

For those of you who have followed our trip thus far, here is an update. On the matter of dogs: We were asked by the mayor of Saignon to go again to the Gendarmes to report our encounter. He called first and we met the chief of the station who listened to our story and wrote out a clear concise report about it and put it in their files.

The dog above is Lula, a town dog who is now our friend. She is loose in town and as friendly as a puppy. She loves to chase sticks bur is reluctant to give them up, so two sticks is the best method.

As to dumbasses, that would be me. We went yesterday to fill the car up. As most Americans will attest, our diesel pumps are always green, to avoid mistakes. So....I pulled our diesel up to the pump and grabbed the green pump and started filling, wondering why the nozzle didn't fit right. I got to 27 liters before I realized that I'd been pumping regular gas, not a good fit with a diesel. I went to the clerk and told her what I'd done. She spoke lovely English and helped us push the car to the side. we called the rental agency and they sent a tow truck that took it away. We called a cab and limped home. The rental agency, Sixt, called and said our car would be ready today.....28 kilometers away! Luckily we know a wonderful man here in town who volunteered to drive us this morning to get it.

So, if you travel to France, rule number one is don't go with a dumbass*. Rule number two is Gas is green, diesel is yellow or orange!

*Dumbass is a colloquial southern expression that was taught to me by Dan Culp and perfectly fits my recent actions.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Japanese maple, Goult

A nice place to sit, Goult

On a cool Autumn day, what a seat to watch the world from.

Janie, Goult

Every year that we have come to Provence, I have taken a picture of Janie in front of this doorway. The vine has grown immense, the wall has aged, the door has been replaced, then painted. Only Janie remains constant.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

French gnome, St Saturnin

This seemed a more cavalier gnome than the little garden gnomes at home. What a mustache.

Janie, St Saturnin

Claire and Henrietta, L'Estrade, St Saturnin

Claire and Henrietta were our genial hosts for five trips to Saignon. They ran Rose Cottage and Place de la Fontaine for years. They have since sold both properties but still take care of Rose Cottage, a delightful place to stay for a week or two.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The smoker, St Saturnin

There is no smoking in bars and restaurants in France, so you see the same groups, just outside, enjoying their habit.

Colorado in Rustrel

This is sort of the poor man's Roussillon. The difference is that you can get close to the ochre and the hikes are wonderful.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Shutters and window, Saignon

Store sign and detail, Apt

Very original sign

Lunchtime in Roussillon

We usually eat at a restaurant that has a nice terrace. That was closed, so we wandered about looking for a new place. I looked down on this English family finishing their lunch and two Japanese girls who had been running around town, posing for each other, drifted by. We found a nice new place, with a terrace, and ate.

Portrait of us both.

We were walking in lower Saignon and I saw my reflection in the window. Being a true publicity seeker, I took it.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Janie at the end of our walk.

The sun feels so good here that you just want to face it. At the end of our afternoon walk we always stop here and look down at Apt.

Salmon at L'Estrade

For those of you worried about how we can get sustenance in a strange land, I present exhibit A. The two women who run this place couldn't make a bad meal if they tried. The salmon was crisp on the outside and melting inside with a lovely cream herb sauce. The potatoes were crisp on the bottom and seasoned with light spices. A demi-pichet of great rose and we were in heaven.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Parking lot kiosk, Roussillon

This little mural, using the 5 main pigments in the Roussillon mines, is another example off how the color and the light are ingrained here.

Picasso's plate, L'Estrade, St Saturnin

This is the remains of Janie's salad in L'Estrade. What brush work, what style!

Colors, Roussillon

One of the things that draws people to Provence is the light. It is magic. The people who live here appreciate it and there are beautiful color combinations everywhere. This is walking up the hill to Roussillon.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

For Martina

 They're everywhere

For Harvey & Carol

They made it! At least part of you is here. We miss you. The days are now mid-70s and clear to the coast. The house is a joy. We'll hide the tape for you to find in June.

For Stuart

I couldn't tell from the label whether these were made from or for Gerbils. Where is Gooey when you need her. Ach! Ze little gerbers.

Bicycle and flowers, by Christine's, Saignon

Just liked the colors.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hydrants and suitcases

To my hydrantologist is a good one. The suitcase arrived and the trip to Aix to shop is off!!!

Baby steps, street scenes, Saignon

 We have had an interesting first 2 days. After a foggy, cool Sunday, Monday dawned with some fog that burned off. We decided to go down to Apt and get some cash and go explore. We did that and drove up to St. Saturnin les Apts to see if our favorite lunch spot was open. It wasn't, Monday is closed restaurant day in Provence. We did make the long, ankle snapping climb to the old church and dam. We came down and went back into Apt and ate at La Creperie. Great crepes, pictures to follow in a few days. Back up to the house for a rest. At 4:00 we set off on our usual walk around the hill that the town sits on. For years there has been a little house at the halfway mark where a deranged woman keeps nasty dogs in her yard. As we approached the dogs were lying in the road. Three of them attacked us, I got a very small bite on the leg, no broken skin. I had a very sturdy monopod with me and hit a few dogs hard enough for us to escape. So that route is off our map. We had a great soupe de forestiere with bread for dinner in. Today we reported the dogs to the Maire (Mayor) and were told to go to the Gendarmes to make it official.....that story tomorrow.

These are two little scenes on the walk to our house.


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