Sunday, June 29, 2014

Red and blue, Goult

Apparently it was dress like a traffic sign day in Goult.

Wall and wire, Goult

Sunset, Rue Cilly, Saignon

Ciboulette (chive), Rue Cilly, Saignon

When I bought this on the first Sunday here, in Coustellet, it was about eight leaves in a tiny pot. The Provencal sun has worked wonders.

Janie's weed, Bonnieux bike path, west

I wouldn't have seen this, but Janie spotted it. amazing shape.

Hay bales, Bonnieux bike path, west

Hay bales in a field are a cliche only because they look so perfect. What photographer can resist?

Hydrant, Saignon

Really! Somebody didn't understand the dignity that hydrants have. Shame!

La Petite Cave has reopened!

 Andrew Goldsby has moved back into his original restaurant and is open at night five days a week. we went on his first night.
 Smoked salmon tartare with crayfish, pepper and an avocado mousse topped by strings of pepper. Many flavours, all good.
Seared scallops with artichoke, caper berries and cauliflower puree with curry. All with a nice Provencal white.

Salade Nicoise, L'Estrade, St. Saturnin

With fresh anchovies!

Hollyhocks, Saignon

The French do Weese weeds so much better than we do. These pop up everywhere.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wee house, Saignon

We have a history with this house. The woman who lives here  rescues dogs that have issues. She had a really angry black dog that would go crazy whenever a walker or cyclist went by. They were always tied up but made us uncomfortable as we walked by. Two visits ago we walked down the road and three of her dogs were on the road, sleeping. As we walked by they got up, growling, and chased us. One of them, a very old dog bit my leg. I was wearing jeans and the dog was, as I said, old, so it didn't hurt much and I gave it a quick smack with my monopod and we escaped. The owner watched the whole incident and did nothing to call the dogs. So we stopped that walk. This year we tried it twice and there were no dogs so we went back to our old favorite walk. Yesterday we got 100 meters short of the house and there they were, out on the road, so we turned and came back up. Sigh

Poppies, Saignon

The last of the year popped up yesterday.

Patchwork, Saignon

The lavender is coming!

2012, Apt

Destockage, Apt

"Je suis fragile!" selfie, Apt

Lurking cloud, Apt

This was the first cloud of a front that soaked the area. Came in from the east when no one was looking.

Roussillon trashcan.

This is a closeup of either a trashcan or metal barrier in Roussillon. Somebody designed this for the town and figured out how to punch it into metal. Very nice.

Abstract art, Roussillon

There is an art gallery across the street from these paintings. There are always paintings hung on this wall if it's good weather. About ten years ago there was a very nice piece hung out and I stopped to photograph. There was a furious banging on the glass of the gallery, made by the owner, yelling at me to stop taking pictures, in a public place, of his painting. I waved and walked on. Every year since I have stopped and pretended to take a snap. I think he gave up last year. I just never understood why he hangs here and then defends the paintings like a rabid dog.


Swarming with tourists as ever. Still a beautiful town.

Door and window, Saignon

The light is, as usual, lovely here.

New field, Saignon

This field, like the one below has been plowed and tilled and  replanted to lavender.

Broom in bloom, Saignon

The field behind this plant has been totally turned under and replanted to tiny grape vines, all in three weeks.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lingerie, Textile, Isle s/l Sorgue

Bouillon angel, Isle s/l Sorgue

Alien, Isle s/l Sorgue

Stars and Bars, Isle s/l Sorgue

Must be a Le Pin supporter:-)

Litterbug, Isle s/l Sorgue

Dog, Isle s/l Sorgue

Musicians after the market, Isle s/l Sorgue

These guys had been playing music for the shoppers all morning. They then went and got a beer and played what they wanted to play, much better.

Families, Isle s/l Sorgue


This won't end well;-)

Needy doll, Isle s/l Sorgue

Copter pilots, Isle s/l Sorgue

Dentist and graffiti, Isle s/l Sorgue

Cat, Isle s/l Sorgue

Shop window, Apt

Janie in Toon Town

We had a little Absinthe for lunch and suddenly I knew why van Gogh painted like he did.

Mannequin, Apt

Relief from crazy red headed mannequins.

Store window, Apt


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