Monday, October 10, 2011

Small lift, St. Saturnin

Maybe I just don't notice them here in the U.S., or maybe we don't have them, but in every town we went in Provence I saw a small to medium truck just crammed with heavy equipment. This lift was on a truck the size of a medium pick-up truck over here. The guy backed down the alley, planted the feet, hopped on the lift, and off to the roof he went. Pretty neat.

It must be because of the size of the streets that they make them this size. Like most men, French men love big metal things that make a lot of noise and get things done. And for the American balance of trade I am happy to say that Bobcats (those little four-wheeled tractors with a bucket lift) are very popular. I live on 1/8th of an acre and I have always wanted a Bobcat, just to move stuff. The 8 year old lives on in all men,

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