Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chairs, Villars

The Martina store, Apt

I have a friend who favors these shoes, but prefers Chuck Taylors, the original of the breed.

Quail and potatoes, La Platane, Apt

La Platane is a recent find, thanks to Ian and Jane, our Australian friends. It is off on a side street in Apt and, during warm weather, has a completely shaded, by trees, little courtyard with about ten tables. It is cool on the hottest days and pleasantly balmy on average days. On top of this, the food is fabulous. This day I had perfectly cooked quail with a brilliant gravy (sorry Ian but I know that the fish was good too). I don't think enough is said about the Provencal way with potatoes. The Germans and the Irish seem to have the patent on potato consumption. Whether they are baked or mashed or fried (French fries are just pommes frites or fried potatoes in Provence.) they are always more than a background. These were wonderful.

Depostered window, Apt

Garage shutter and graffiti, Apt

Inadvertent selfie, Apt

Painted wall and details, Apt

 I have noticed this wall every time we drive through Apt, for 12 years. I was walking around, alone, one market day and found it hit by perfect light. I love the layers of ads through the years and the fact that the graffiti sprayers can only reach so high, adding another layer.

Yarn shop, Apt

Mr. Pizza selfie, Apt

Man and motorcycle, Apt.

I don't think they were together.

Respite, Apt

On market day in Apt people seek a quiet place to wait it out.

Hydrant, Apt

This fella is in front of the best wine store in Apt and the surrounding area. Kinda looks like it has had some samples.

Blue door, Apt

Street, Apt

 These both worked for me. Any preferences??

Welcome, Apt

Store window, Apt

 Couldn't decide. Opinions?

Chauffage, Apt

Shadow, wall and weeds, Apt

A tragic waste of figs, Apt

Provence is heaven for figs. Along any country road you will find wild (feral?) fig trees. They grow out of walls and pavement cracks. Then a bird eats them and spreads them further. This tree was in Apt above a corner and had dropped all of it's fruit in a bad place. If I had been here one day earlier there would have been a feast at Rue Cilly.

New kid on the block, Apt

Just so shiny, like a new recruit.

Relic yard, Apt bike path, west

I do not think that the French throw any of their heritage away. They may sell it, or scavenge it but they do no destroy it. This yard, cleaned up and organized since last year, is a treasure trove of old artifacts going back centuries. If I lived here I would recreate Stonehenge on a smaller scale.

Field colors along the Apt bike path, west,

Weed, Apt bike path, west

Very alien looking. I think one of these shot Mr. Spock in the original Star Trek.

Flaming irises, Apt bike path, west

They were this red, really.

Window and pot, Apt bike path, west

Chance meeting on the way back from Christine's, Saignon

It usually took us 45 minutes to get from breakfast at Christine's to our house (2 blocks)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Crazed children, Saignon

School's out!!!!

Friends at the food truck, Saignon

 A large gathering of good friends.

Car window, Saignon

Roof succulents at sunset, Rue Cilly, Saignon

Sunset selfie, Rue Cilly, Saignon

Chairs, Chez Christine, Saignon

Gas prices, Apt

So, a liter of lead-free is 1.57 Euros or $2.11. Four liters is about 1.05 gallons. Doing some rounding, gas costs about $8.40 a gallon. Diesel comes in at $7.20 a gallon. Luckily, our little Renault Clio got about 49 miles per gallon to take a little sting off the price. Why we don't have more small 4-cylinder diesel cars over here I do not know. Modern direct injection diesels have none of the problems associated with the old smoky diesels. Ours was a smooth accelerator and rode very well (a French car trait). Someday

Change.....Thym te Voila

Thym te Voila, one of our three favorite restaurants in the area, has changed. The previous owner decided to open a cooking school and to concentrate on catering. Our first meal with the new owners was  perfect, so we came back a few weeks later on market. The square was alive with people as usual, but a DJ had set up nearby and was playing the music way too high, which made conversation difficult. And the food suffered. This was chili con carne. It was pretty bland. The restaurant is owned by a young couple and I am sure these are just teething pains. We will definitely go back next year to see how they've progressed.

Candy store, Apt

I take a picture of this window at least once a visit. This year I believe that the man had just tasted a candy that agreed with him.

Store window, Apt

See no evil Buddhas?

Dragon doors, Apt

Sylla box, Rue Cilly

I mentioned, a few posts below, that Sylla wines punched above their weight. We bought this as our house wine. It's the equivalent of 4 bottles and never gets air in it so it keeps perfectly. Always nice when all you want is a glass.

Janie and the girls, Saignon

Janie was designated skip rope repairwoman this day.


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