Monday, October 3, 2011

Chevre salade, L'Estrade, St. Saturnin.

Henrietta, our host at Rose Cottage, leaves a very informative guide to the area in the house. She has reviewed most of the decent restaurants in the Luberon. This little place, L'Estrade, is in her hometown, St. Saturnin. It is run by two women and has a menu from which I could eat every day. It is her most highly recommended place to eat and we agreed.

This was a goat cheese salad that was so fresh and light and tasty that I could have eaten two. The next two pictures are from the same lunch.


  1. Your food photography always makes me very hungry.
    I guess that's "by design".

  2. Part of the reason is that I'm usually quite hungry when I take the picture. My stomach is a good photographer.))

  3. It's good this way - otherwise you would show us only empty plates ...



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