Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our rental

When we arrived in Marseille we were signed up for a small car, Citroen C3 or similar size. They were out and we got a free upgrade to this BMW 118 TDI. It's their smallest car. It has a lot of room and a turbo-diesel that has plenty of power and is sipping gas. We've been here for 9 days, driving on 5 of them and the gas gauge is down by 1/4 of a small tank. It's also a hatchback, very utile, and, of course, not imported to the U.S.


  1. I do hope it is sipping diesel - not gas ;-P

  2. Ooops. Yes it's sipping diesel. Years ago, at a restaurant in Lacoste, when my French was even worse than now, the waitress asked me if we wanted water. I answered Oui. She asked what kind and I responded "Gazole, s'il vous plait." whereupon she had a laughing fit for five minutes, as did the whole restaurant.

  3. LOL - what a nice story!

    But it is interesting I think. The gas vs. gas thing .. and that English gas is French benzine or essence (German is benzin) and German diesel is English diesel (okay, they borrowed this one) is French gas(oil) while gas in German is gas and never gasoil or benzin and ... and ... that gasoil is gas-oil .. and .. ;-)



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