Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Host, Chez Gianni

For the second year in a row we went to Chez Gianni, a farm/restaurant up on a hill above Sivergues. They are an active pig/goat farm and a small hotel. When you arrive you are greeted by a few goats and this pig.

Last year we were, to put it mildly, overserved. We got a giant amount of food and ate to the filling point, only to find that that was the first course. We really thought that we'd never eat again, and we didn't........'til dinner.

This year we held off on the first course and discovered that that's all we'd be getting. The pigs, goats and a very pushy cat wander around your tables while you eat.


  1. :-D nice portrait!

    disclaimer: I am a vegetarian ;-)

  2. Both of our daughters are vegans but still put up with a set in his ways omnivore. The one who lives with us pushes hard enough so that I now eat a lot better. Vegan mayonnaise and butter and more veggies. Of course a two year's past triple bypass nudged me a bit!

    That pig loved the camera.



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