Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sumac, Saignon

This is one of my favorite weed plants. The sumac is fairly nondescript until Autumn, when it explodes into color. They grew in Vermont in any place they landed. Here in Florida they can't take the heat. I miss them. Provence has them in all of the usual places, cracks in walls, hedgerows and the like.


  1. Rhus typhina is really a problem in Middle Europe. It's not native but has been cultivated for some time now and nowadays intrudes everywhere, superseding other plants.
    So - it's my least favorie weed.
    Nevertheless, grin, A HAPPY NEW YEAR to the Weekes!

    1. People cultivate sumac?!?!? What ever for? They are everywhere in New England and are not beloved. They don't crowd other plants out but they grow large and are very weak wooded so they collapse. How did they get to Europe and where from?

      Happy New Year to the Jackmuth (and boyfriend of course;~]

    2. Ah, I don't know. I can only quote wikipedia:
      "The Staghorn Sumac was introduced to Europe in the 17th century and is popular as a garden plant. In both French and German, the common name of the species (Sumac vinaigrier, Essigbaum) means "vinegar tree"."
      Seems like you brought it. It's native to eastern North America.



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