Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Market day, Apt

 Apt has a huge market every Saturday. Despite it being a weekly occurrence, it is a truly big deal. People turn out in droves and every street is lined with vendors of food, wine, clothing and smaller stuff. It seems to be where a lot of people stock up for the week. After time all of the vendors and locals know each other. As a tourist I have discovered that you should do a full tour of the market early to scout (there is a sparse crowd before 9:00 as the vendors set up.) Pick your favorites and then go back and see if the residents shop there. We found a few cheese vendors that only sold a couple of types from huge wheels and, somehow, after a lifetime in the business, always cut at least double the amount of cheese that you asked for and wrapped it very quickly.

The really good vendor sold myriad cheeses and had a crowd three deep at his stall. Always got a fair deal from him.

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