Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Country pate with marmalade and grilled salmon with aioli, Royals Club, Apt

 A new discovery this trip, The Royals Club, a nice little bistro in the open area in Apt. Just delicious! The roses from the Sylla wine co-op are lovely.


  1. Oiii, yesss! The salmon looks fantastic.
    Strange name for a French restaurant - British owners?

    I have to close this website right now, can't look at this salmon anymore ... getting hungry ... let's see what's in the kitchen ... bye ...

    1. It's not easy to put it up from this end either. I remember the taste and cannot duplicate the flavour with our bland salmon. Must wait for the Alaskan wild salmon to come to our market. I also cannot get frites like they have in Provence.

      It is a strange name. I don't have a picture of the sign, but I remember it as misspelled , possibly Royalls. I think it's just a French funny use of English. My favorite one in Apt is Pizzeria O'Grill, a pizza joint that must cater to the huge Irish-Italian population in Provence;-)



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