Friday, July 25, 2014

Food Truck! Saignon

 Saignon has lost a few restaurants in the last few years. We were down to one that was open in the evening. And that for only 5 nights a week. Then these ads for the Ephemeral Restaurant showed up at Chez Christine. It was a food truck run by three young people with real talent. They did a very smart thing by introducing themselves to the town with a party where they cooked a bunch of tapas handmade a nice punch and gave it away. The whole town came up to see. We booked tables and stayed for their first night. There were a few glitches, but they were immediately spotted and corrected. The food was very good. So we booked a large party for their second night, a week later.
 This was a wonderful gazpacho with tapenade with a rosemary laced breadstick. Cool and tangy.
 Here is the tiny little truck where they do all of the cooking, amazing.
 I had duck over polenta......yowzah!
And fondant du chocolat for dessert. And...we may have had a bit of wine too.

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