Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quail and potatoes, La Platane, Apt

La Platane is a recent find, thanks to Ian and Jane, our Australian friends. It is off on a side street in Apt and, during warm weather, has a completely shaded, by trees, little courtyard with about ten tables. It is cool on the hottest days and pleasantly balmy on average days. On top of this, the food is fabulous. This day I had perfectly cooked quail with a brilliant gravy (sorry Ian but I know that the fish was good too). I don't think enough is said about the Provencal way with potatoes. The Germans and the Irish seem to have the patent on potato consumption. Whether they are baked or mashed or fried (French fries are just pommes frites or fried potatoes in Provence.) they are always more than a background. These were wonderful.

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