Friday, July 25, 2014

Lunch at Sylla, Apt

Sylla is the huge wine cooperative in the middle of Apt. It looks like a refinery, with giant vertical tanks. I was like many people who assumed that the wines would be "industrial" at best. It was a very pleasant surprise to find that they make many lovely wines. Their Roses are crisp and tasty, their whites are nice dry expressions of the grapes and their reds are full and rich. On top of this, we were introduced to their lunch restaurant by our friends Ian and Jane. For twelve euros fifty, you get a very nice salad with four local cheeses and a variety of breads. On top of that you get three glasses of Sylla wine, each of your choice, to accompany the meal, followed by a fantastic small dessert. What a deal!

The cynic would say that of course they sell not only the wine but you can buy any of the cheeses and the breads, so it's a loss leader. Well, we bought the wines before we ever ate here and they are cheaper at the source, so I see it as a win. Plus the people who work in the restaurant are wonderful hosts, funny and good at their jobs.

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