Sunday, July 28, 2013

Piano concert, Foret des Cedres, above Bonnieux

 This was a trip back in time. There were posters for this concert all over the Luberon. We love the Foret so we decided to give it a try. Suddenly it was 45 years ago. The pianist, whose name is lost to me, was sort of a cross between Keith Jarret and New Age. He not only played nicely but would do things like toss a tennis ball onto the strings of the piano and play with the odd notes. There was a field of what I can only describe as hippie-like people in attendance. There were paintings and dream catchers and the few smokers had very odd smelling tobacco. One woman spent an hour squirting paint onto a big canvas with ketchup squirters. It was formless until she sandwiched another canvas onto it, creating two rather nice decorative pieces. Good fun but I was glad to return to 2013.

These drifters were caught at the edge of the crowd, ready to bolt if the knife police showed up.

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