Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Clown car, Apt

 There was a big traveling circus set up outside of Apt for a week. This little guy was pulled behind the mobile ticket booth. I used to like clowns, now they seem creepy. Thanks Stephen King!


  1. But look at the big teeth. He is going to eat us all!!!

    Disclaimer: just started "The Wind through the Keyhole" the other night ... fits perfectly. I know this clown is a shape shifter! It's the Skin-Man!

  2. Is that one in a series? The one with the cowboy? If so I never started it. If it's a stand alone book I will read it.

    1. It is and it is not. The foreword: "Can I read and enjoy this story if I haven't read the other Dark Tower books? My answer is yes, if you keep a few things in mind."
      Then follows the three points you should keep in mind ;-)
      Since I have read the whole series - and can highly recommend it - I myself can't really say.
      Hmm ... you should definitely try the Dark Tower ... do you know The Stand? Or The Dome? If you like them you will like the Dark Tower.



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