Thursday, September 26, 2013

Waiting, Cereste

For those of you who follow this blog( all eight of you) I offer my apologies for the long dry spell until today and the three or four day one to follow. We lost our fast wifi in the house. We bought a bog slow hotspot which was good for mail but impossible to post from. So, I came here, to Le Petit Cafe, where I'm writing from now. They have great food and a fast wifi. Alas, on the second day of posting my computer stopped letting me log in! I spent a long time on my iPad finding ways to connect. Finally, I went back to a previous set point and it now works. Sadly we only have two more days here and I have over 2,000 pictures to sort and clean up and post.Or at least the 200 best ones.  I will do that after we get home Sunday (or Monday if Delta performs as usual ;-) See you then.

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