Sunday, September 8, 2013

A long trip to just here.

This is our view from our bedroom at the Pullman hotel at the Marseilles airport. A trip of 16 hours took us 60 hours with two 7 hour waits in different airports and three different airlines involved. The only people who seemed to care if or when we got here were two help desk people for Delta in Atlanta and a gate manager in Atlanta for Lufthansa. They worked very hard to make sure we got here. Thank you to them. I will post daily from here on out.


  1. Happy you made it back safely! Luggage too? Hope you have a great time - nice view of the harbor!

  2. Of course no luggage! This is the Weekes;-). The last minute change of airline made our bags a sure loss. We were eating at Andrew's the next day when a brand new black Mercedes pulled up and there were the bags. We've been here a week, three to go. The weather has been grand. Off to Rustrel today.

  3. I have been following this blog for the past year as I was planning a trip to Provence and staying in Saignon. While googling Saignon, I came across your blog and have been using it to learn about the area. What a coincidence to be staying at the Rose Cottage at the same time that you and your wife are in Saignon. I thought I spotted you and your wife walking by yesterday but couldn't catch up with you in time to introduce myself. My husband and I are heading back to Saratoga Springs, NY tomorrow morning after a wonderful vacation in Provence! I hope that you have a wonderful stay yourself and look forward to reading more about your journeys.



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