Monday, November 5, 2012

Balcony, Apt

Look at all of those little lights at the bottom.


  1. Did you seem them at night?

    Usually I don't like these kind of lights - unnerving. Everyone has them in their backyard around here - what for I don't know ... find the three meters across the yard that is bathed in yellow street light to the terasse?
    But this might look cool at night ... perhaps I should do something like that ...

    1. I never saw them at night. They sort of seemed like overkill. People love stuff like this. You should see our street during the Christmas season.

    2. I thought the owner may be wanted to make a ironic comment.

      Not sure - might be I am just interpreting my opinion in this decorations.

      From what I have seen in photos of US christmas decorations I am sure we can't compete. But they (that is the other Germans) are striving ...



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