Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wee house, Saignon

We have a history with this house. The woman who lives here  rescues dogs that have issues. She had a really angry black dog that would go crazy whenever a walker or cyclist went by. They were always tied up but made us uncomfortable as we walked by. Two visits ago we walked down the road and three of her dogs were on the road, sleeping. As we walked by they got up, growling, and chased us. One of them, a very old dog bit my leg. I was wearing jeans and the dog was, as I said, old, so it didn't hurt much and I gave it a quick smack with my monopod and we escaped. The owner watched the whole incident and did nothing to call the dogs. So we stopped that walk. This year we tried it twice and there were no dogs so we went back to our old favorite walk. Yesterday we got 100 meters short of the house and there they were, out on the road, so we turned and came back up. Sigh

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  1. I remember. Didn't you even went to the police station?

    On the other hand: I guess it's a pitiable woman and taking some other path - and having the option to take some other path - it's not so bad at all.



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