Saturday, October 5, 2013

Provencal ATV tours, Apt

Yikes, what a concept. With those headlights, they must have night tours too. Just a little bit of South Georgia right here in France.


  1. I have done this once in Devon, England (was my aunt's 70th birthday and my cousins birthday present). I liked it very much. But then ... really .. it's so much noice and smell and not really environmentally nice. So .. one of the things I like doing but will never do again. My uncle still asks when I am going to buy myself a quad, though.

    1. Here it seems that people like to go into the woods on rainy days, with lots of beer, and take runs through muddy fields and whoop it up. Others use them for hunting and fishing access and a very select few use them as work vehicles. I have never seen organized group tours advertised here.



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