Friday, October 11, 2013

Le Petit Cafe, Saignon

 This is one of many lunches at Le Petit Cafe. There are nice tables inside, but on a nice day it is a treat to sit outside in a gentle breeze and enjoy the passing tourists.
 I favored the Salade Composee. Look at the variety. Melon, goat cheese, tapenade, croutons, fresh anchovies/sardines, ripe tomatoes from Andrew's garden, eggplant,sun-dried tomatoes that tasted both dried and fresh, roasted red pepper, radishes, two varieties of dried meats (charcuterie),cornichons, arugula (roquette) salade with black olives and a wonderful light vinaigrette. Little spots of olive oil and a fresh pesto. Every bite was an adventure. Wow. I should also point out that this dish is never exactly the same. I had it another day and there was smoked salmon and caperberries in it also.
Janie chose the Salade Vegetarienne with super foods. Walnuts, pine nuts, avocado,shaved parmesan, beets (beetroot), sun dried tomatoes,caper berries, arugula, dried apricots, pesto and chickpeas. Wonderful. This salade too changes a little daily, as whatever is fresh appears.

Needless to say, Le Petit Cafe is highly recommended to anyone visiting Saignon.

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