Saturday, December 1, 2012

Restaurant Loofoc, Lacoste

This restaurant has a rich history for us. On our first visit to Provence we rented a huge house called La Bastide Blanche, in Menerbes, the house where they filmed The Swimming Pool years later. We wanted the whole Peter Mayle experience. We were with three other couples. We were younger and didn't mind driving at night. We came to this little restaurant in Lacoste a couple of times. It was sort of a cross between funky and beautiful, with an interior that used to be a wine cave, with vaulted ceilings out of stone. Our French was poorer too. The waitress was a delight. She wore a dress made out of an old La Poste mailbag and loved to laugh. I made her night by trying my new knowledge of French waters by ordering a bottle of water "non-gazole" I thought that meant still water or non-gaseous water. Of course I had ordered a bottle of water without diesel fuel in it. She laughed so hard and couldn't look at me for the rest of the night without laughing all over again. The food was non-traditional Provencal fare, and very good.

Ever since that trip we have been trying to have lunch there, but it was always closed......only on the day we were there. This year we walked by and the doors were open and there was movement! When we came back by they were closed. Rats. I did think I heard some hysterical laughter from within.


  1. No really? You did rent that house?
    Was the first movie I went to with my boyfriend, then not my boyfriend yet.
    Fortunately my strange taste in movies didn't scare him off ;-)

    Nice memory :-D

  2. Really. It was owned by an English couple with endless money. We were there in the Autumn so the pool was covered (no suspicious lumps). The only room the film didn't show was the kitchen which was a showcase for overdoing it. There was a 14 seat table and still there was plenty of room to cook. A stove the size of a ping-pong table with either 6 or 8 burners. I remember seeing Charlotte Rampling making her tea in a tiny kitchen and laughing. The grounds were lovely, heavily planted to herbs...heaven.

    No nubile but nasty French girls came to lay about naked, nor did Charlotte...sigh. We made do and moved on to smaller and better houses. I'm glad your boyfriend has good taste in movies...and photographers:-))