Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Old Porsche, Apt

This is a lovely old Porsche. I assumed it was a local treasure until I noticed the American license plate. It was an Illinois plate. Some car lover brought it over to drive on the wonderful European roads. What fun.


  1. Yes, today cars all look like eggs or boxes. I think that the car is such a background item these days. There aren't as many car nuts as in my youth. Young people here mostly regard a car as a transport appliance. Still a few who add parts to go faster but not as many as before.

    There is a new expression in the car world here. It is just as much fun to go fast, slowly, as it is to have a supercar and go too fast. Small agile cars like this old Porsche, must be grand fun on a windy road.

  2. just found this: