Friday, October 26, 2012

Heading home

Today is our last day in Saignon, tomorrow we head down to Marseille, have a stay in the Pullman at the airport and fly out Sunday morning. Today and tomorrow are meant to be rainy and cold and, so far, that's been true. We are packing, unpacking, repacking and reading.

I have taken a lot of pictures and we have had a lot of adventures and I have not been posting them. We had dear friends as guests and spent a week showing them all that we love around here. I have also enjoyed having the time alone with Janie. We run hectic lives at home and it is nice to spend so much time, just with each other, and find out that she is still my best friend.

The pictures and commentary will come when we get back home. See you in the US!


  1. Have a nice journey back!
    See you ... here on my computer ;.)

  2. The journey back was hectic. Once more, Janie's bag was lost. A brand new bag from E. Leclerc because Delta/Air France destroyed the old bag. This time we know that her bag reached Amsterdam and disappeared. It looks like this one may be a goner, with a lot of new French scarves and the like in the bag. So we are now not fond of Delta and/or renowned Dutch efficiency. My bag, with all of the files made it....phew.

    So, that shopping spree you suggested might be upcoming;-))

  3. Update...the bag made it, my wallet is safe and all is well.



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