Monday, August 8, 2016

Our rental this year.

This is our rental car this year. We always ask for a car about the size of a VW Polo. Sixt, our rental agency, always upgrades us. This is a Mini Countryman. A big Mini if you will. It was very roomy inside and had a very nice diesel engine. My only complaint was the trunk (boot). Every car that we have rented over the last 5 years has had room in the back for our two large suitcases and two carry-ons. With no problem fitting them in and having them out of sight. The Mini's space was horribly shaped, so that only one large and one small bag would fit, with a lot of wasted space. Poor design.

A funny story about Minis. A woman at my gym bought a regular Mini and loved it. Loved the handling, the hip interior and the great gas mileage. She came in one day, looking stunned. She had taken it in for it's first large service and was handed a very large bill. Her remark was "When you buy it, it's a Mini; when you get it serviced, it's a BMW." For those who aren't car people, BMW makes the Mini.

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