Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hollyhocks, Place L'Horloge, Saignon.

 These hollyhocks come back every year in a little plot near our rental. Once the sun is past they glow.


  1. This is too funny, but my husband and I were in Saignon and saw you and your wife running by just as we did two years ago. Of all the coincidences. We would have chased you down but didn't want to appear as stalkers. We had a wonderful time and are dreaming of when we can get back. We always enjoy getting inspiration from your blog. We had a wonderful lunch at Christine's. We were looking for the new bistro you had posted about but couldn't find it. But Christine's was wonderful!

  2. Cheryl!!!! Next year STOP us! Really. I'd love to meet you and your husband. So chase us down. We'll have a croissant at Christine's and talk about Saignon.



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