Thursday, June 27, 2013

Peas, from farm to plate, Saignon.

 These are the peas that we bought from the farmer in the previous post. Janie shelled them on our little deck and I cooked them to go with rotisserie chicken from the lady in front of the Simply market. The chicken comes with gravy, garlic and potatoes that cook under the chickens. The best rotisserie chicken that we have had in The Luberon has come from this woman. The peas were just what you would expect from freshly picked peas, sweet and rich.


  1. uuuuhuu, I owe you the photo story about the minced peas disaster - but many distastrous things happened afterwards so I never finished it ... the photo story I mean ... I finished the minced peas, though.

    1. Now I must see your minced pea story. I got a very bad feeling when you said you were going to use canned peas. Canned peas?!? Those olive drab pellets with no pea-like qualities? You must use at least frozen peas. Do you have a lot of frozen veggies in Germany? I noticed that the French Supermarkets don't have much in the way of frozen veggies. The Picard markets have a big selection but at a BIG price.

      You didn't hurt your wrist mincing the peas did you?

    2. No no - I didn't hurt myself. :-)
      Canned peas are not that bad, one of the few vegetables that can be canned in my opinion.
      I didn't use fresh peas cause I am lazy on weekdays after +8hours of work and I didn't use frozen peas because there was no more room in our freezer. Hm, I never compared the amount of frozen vegetables in supermarkets in France and Germany, mostly because I rarely buy them, I think
      More later ... I promise! It's a funny story ... telling much about my stupidity :-D



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